John Davis

producer - engineer - mixer

About john

John Davis is an engineer, producer, mixer and musician based in Brooklyn, NY.  John's seemingly paradoxical passion for both electronic abstraction and acoustic purity has helped him to establish a unique position in the music scene today.  His approach can be aggressive and extreme when needed, or completely transparent when appropriate, and this has allowed him to float between the worlds of pop, electronic, jazz and classical effortlessly without imposing an inappropriate aesthetic on the music.  The stylistic diversity of his discography and his ability to combine the acoustic and electronic is a testament to his fluency across genres.

process & medium

Drawing inspiration from Marshall McLuhan's 'The Medium Is The Massage', John believes that the correct process and recording medium can help to convey the artistic intent and statement, and in some cases, the process/medium IS the statement.  For electronic music and other non-linear styles where the artistic concept and creativity live in a world of editing, looping, and digital manipulation, John is fluent in modern computer based engineering and production techniques.  For jazz, rock, and other music  where capturing a meaningful live performance with the best sound possible is paramount, John is a strong believer in both the benefits and limitations of analog tape.  Owning and maintaining a Studer A80 2" 24 track machine (with Dolby SR noise reduction) as well as a Studer A810 1/4" 2 track deck, John is extremely well versed in tape based recording techniques, whether in a 'track and dump' analog/digital hybrid situation or making 100% analog records that stay on tape until the mastering process.


Co-owner of The Bunker Studio, John primarily mixes in Studio A on their SSL 4000E analog mixing console, with a vast array of some of the world's finest analog and digital outboard gear available.  John does not mix 'in the box' and believes that the sound of computer mixing is still far from the depth, power, and musicality of an analog mixing console.  According to the aesthetic of the music, mixes are captured on a variety of formats: 1/4" analog tape, DSD digital, PCM digital (print back into ProTools).

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